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Combo Mod Matrix Destinations?

Would it be possible to add combined multiple destinations as a single option in the Mod Matrix?

One that immediately comes to mind is "All Op EG Speeds". Making a typcial keyboard or stringed instrument type sound will need to have all the operator Volume envelopes speed up faster as you play up the keyboard. Since each Operator does not have their own individual Speed/Rate scaling on the Volume/EG page, to do this in the Mod Matrix currently takes 6 of the 8 slots.

Variations of that would be the options "OPs 1-3 EG Speed" and "OPs 4-6 EG Speed" so groups of Ops could be set differently.

If it it possible, I can post some other options what would be useful.

It's possible, so your suggestions are welcome.
We won't add them right now though, since any modification to the sources/destinations list is very complicated to handle when people with different firmwares want to share their sounds.
We'll most likely keep track of all the suggestions, then at some point release a single, big update to the mod matrix.
BTW, this example Destination Combinations would show up in the "Destination" column, not the "Parameter" column, so it would be "All Ops", "Ops 1-3" and "Ops 4-6" that you be delected as the destination, then you choose the Parameter, i.e. EG Speed.

"Ops 1, 2" "Ops 3,4" and "Ops 5,6" would also be useful

If possible for Parameter cominations, one that would be useful is "LFO AM & FM Depth"

Others would be "EG Seg 1-3 Times" "EG Seg 4-5 Times" "EG Pt1-3 Y" "EG Pt4-5 Y" and possibly the same for the Pitch EG (though not sure it would be that useful in the PEG)