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Combo Mod Matrix Sources?

Given that you cannot currently have two controllers assigned to the same destination in the Mod Matrix, would it be possible to add some preset 'combined' Sources for the Mod Matrix?

Such as "CC1 + Aftertouch" so you could set up both Mod Wheel and Aftertouch to control vibrato?

Also, it can be very useful to have one controller that you set at different values and leave for a certain amount of Modulation and have a different controller to add realtime dynamic control. The net modulation amount would be the real time sum of the two

Such as "CC11 + Aftertouch" (Expression and Aftertouch)
Also Each "Knob# + Aftertouch" and "Knob# + CC11"

One REALLY useful combo source would be Velocity and Note number-- they are very common & useful applications especially to the FIlter Cutoff(env).

I know filter calculations are processor intensive, and it would best if the FIlter could respond simultaeously both to Velocity and Note Number assignments in two slots in the existing Matrix. But these would both just read at note on, so hopefully possible?

And if so, do 6 versions -- "Vel.&1/4 NoteNumber", "Vel.&1/3 NoteNumber", "Vel.&1/2 NoteNumber", "Vel.&2/3 NoteNumber", "Vel.&3/4 NoteNumber", "Vel.&NoteNumber" so you could have 25%, 33%, 50%, 66%, 75% and 100% for the keytracking portion.

Knights Who Say Neve
Instead of fixed combos, how about an adder that could be selected in the mod matrix? With scaling and offset of each input.