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First tracks with my EssenceFM

Here’s a video with some of the first tracks I have made with my EssenceFM doing a bit of sound tweaking.
EssenceFM is the only sound source (all custom sounds) - sequenced by Octatrack and running into Octatrack for effects.

Really nice man! those drums are excellent!
Failed Muso
Nice work :-)
Thanks so much guys - appreciated :D
Awesome track and sounds!

Few tips that may be helpful in live situations:
- To confirm Recall, you can press the Recall button one more time instead of pressing Ok on the touchscreen
- To go back to the Performance when you're on a subpage, you can also press the Performance button
I’m really glad you like it Kodamo and thanks for the fb post :) Yes I thought of it afterwards that I could have done some things a little easier. I’m really glad to hear about the double recall press - very useful!