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ModMatrix FltCutoff(env) release bug

When assigning a controller in Mod Matix to the Filter Cutoff Envelope amount there is a key-off calculation error.

See attached voices -- the first "Warm PWM test3" is the reference voice with the correct FIlter Cutoff EG key off behavior -- When you release a key, the behavior of the Filter EG is such that the 'release' time is applied to the level the envelope reached at the point of release, and skipping the 'sustain' level (Skip on release is on for the chosen sustain point 4).

However assign a controller to Flt Cutoff(env) in the Mod Matrix has a bug for key release alculations. See "Warm PWM test3CC" -- what happens at key release is the envelope immediately jumps to the sustain level setting, then starts the 'release' segment. So it appears the "Skip on release" is not functioning properly when process through the matrix; or the Matrix is incorrectly ignoring the envelope's realtime value at key release and using the sustain point value instead. In this example the degree of the audible 'jump' is proportional to the CC position (in thei case Mod Wheel)

Added to the upcoming v4.5 firmware.
Thank you for the example voices
Awesome, it's great to see such a quick responses!

I hope I'm not 'causing trouble' with so many bug / feature posts :)