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Lose Velocity Sens w/Mod Matrix settings

If you set up a real time CC, or the LFO, to control Operator volume, then the OP->Mod.-> Vel Sensitivity no longer functions, meaning velocity has no effect on the Operator volume, just the assigned controller fromt he Mod MAtrix.

Velocity Sens, if used, should always be a scalar of volume regardless of any other control of volume


I forgot to mention that the Op Key Volume Scale also breaks when OP Volume is a destination in the Mod Matrix. So to summarize the issue:

When Operator Volume is chosen as a destination in the Mod Matrix, the Vel Sensitivity and Key Volume Scaling will no longer effect the Operator Volume.

However, that Operator's Envelope continues to function normally in controlling the Operator Volume, and any LFO AM setings on the Op Mod Page functions normally as well.