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Expanding performance knobs to macros

Would it be possible to assign more than one destination and adjust the range of each destination? Like changing several operator settings within an algorithm with one knob. You probably are familiar with the Elektron range and how their early boxes the Machinedrum, Monomachine and now Cycles have different machines curated for specific tasks that can change character with the twist of a few knobs. Would be amazing to have the ability to create such macros on the EssenceFM. Similar to Abletons macro knobs as well.

The above could be the edit mode which is now called the Knob assign page but there could also be a performance view were you could have assignable vertical sliders as well with an assignable title. To the far right a visual representation of the knobs and current performance position (could be different from the physical knob if you load a performance patch).

Expanding on that idea, this macro page settings could be contained within a performance patch that users can share that include the patches as well of course. :)
Oh yes :)
I was going to request multiple destinations per macro too. It would be great if macros were accessible in patch mode too. Maybe you would have to press a button to access this in patch and voice mode. When my friend tried my EssenceFM he also asked if it was possible to tweak the knobs for each patch. This would be so powerful and you can always use the touch screen momentarily for other tasks.
Big request from me too.