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I noticed a small flaw in the display in the waveform editor at the word CROP, in practice it seems to be a little too low
and it disappears slightly from the picture, it's a ridiculous thing but I wanted to point it out anyway. Then another thing is that I can't remove some aliasing from the waveforms and I'm sorry, it's not a bug but a feature of the synth and from the third octave up you start to hear, I could understand those rich in harmonics but the saw shouldn't be like that, can't you really do anything to improve the resolution? because I feel that even in vst instruments you can go very high with the keyboard without running into this artifact, is it possible that a dedicated product should do it?
Thank you
Thanks for noticing the button placement issue.
Best way to get rid of aliasing is to use smoother waveforms, then make them bright by putting a modulator on top of it. Then you can control the modulator's volume with the Key Volume Scale parameter, to always stay below the aliasing limit as you get into higher notes.

Another solution is to make one or several copies of your waveform that get progressively smoother, then use the mod matrix to switch waveform depending on note number (that's what most analog synth emulations do)