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SY77 Import

I spent a lot of time with my SY77 the last month. Now I'm super exited about the essenceFM and it's uptodate useability and asked myself if there could be a way to import SY77 patches into the essenceFM. Of course I mean the pure FM patches and mainly operator ratios, volumes and algorithms, just like the DX7 patches. That already would save a lot of time. Or does anyone know a way to convert SY77 to DX7 patches?
We don't have much info about how SY77 patches work, but if someone find a datasheet or some document explaining the inner structure of these patches we'd happily add support for them.
hi, i'd love to see this too! as i have both tg77 & sy99. i believe they share voice compatibility to certain extent. the sy77 & tg77 midi manuals are here =>
SY99 =>

theres such a large library of sounds for the 4ops too, i would also love to see an import for the 4op synths eg dx100/21/27/fb01 & later gen tx81z/v50/dx11
Failed Muso
Dr Manny Fernandez would be the guy to talk to about the AWM format :-)
So, I've actually spent a bit of time to investigate the implementation differences in AFM and the Essence.

From what I've seen so far, the conversion from the AFM engine of the SY77/99 would be extremely awkward with a 'poor % yield' of comparable results.

The obvious issue is the 3 feedback loops in AFM, but the bigger difficulty is the index/gain structure and the feedback interaction is completely different in the Essence compared to AFM. In AFM you can control the input gain of the Operators, so when one Operator feeds into two or more other Operators, each can have a different 'level' from that same shared Operator. Meaning Op 4 modulating Ops 2 & 3 in a branch, the Level of Op 4 set to 80, you could set the input lower on Op 2 to so while Op 3 gets the set value of 80, Op 2 could be configured to only have an effective value of 60. On Essence, both Ops 2 & 3 would both get a value of 80.

In more simple voices that stick to the more 'classic' algorithm structures i.e. even if the SY voice only uses one feedback loop, there's no setting combinations on the Essence for Operator Level + Feedback that in comparable to what AFM does when feedback = 7

IMHO -- I personally find it more interesting to do 'inspired by' patches instead on conversions anyway, as that allows for utilizing the differences for something new -- end up in a slightly different place that may be more interesting because of those differences