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EssenceFM appreciation thread

I just wanna say thank you so much to Kodamo for making this thing. It's basically a dream synth, but better designed than what I could ever come up with.
Thank you, messages like yours is what is keeping us motivated!
And a big thanks from me too :D
This marvelous synth has grown tremendously on me this week. I had some difficulties in the beginning but now I can make a lot of fine sounds. It sounds clean and very powerful and it’s pretty addictive actually :)
I’ve been using it extensively in performance mode these days. I’ll be posting sounds soon.
I wanted to share some love for this synth too.

Way to go Kodamo!

I play it every day and love it!

All the tweaks being made to the firmware keep making it better.
Me too! Every time I sit down at it I lose an hour or two and my face hurts from smiling. Love it! Thank you.
Colin Muir Dorward
Sold my TG77 to help fund this purchase. What an upgrade! Really enjoying this unit, big thanks to Kodamo for taking up the mantle.
Hands down the best FM synth I've played. I've had the preenfm2 and the new korg opsix etc.. etc.. but this one is just gorgeous and fun to play with! This will be a KEEPER! I can only imagine how much better it's going to get as firmware keeps coming hopefully for a long time.