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Hi, I too join the chorus for the ESSENCE
I wanted to thank KODAMO for the filters, I find them very functional and suitable for my needs ...
I would also like to point out some distortion noises for a moment when we are in the waveform editor when pressing the keys, but also in other cases,
it happens once in a hundred but it happens, it lasts a moment, the time to press a button and then they disappear, it will be necessary to see what it can be?
And last but not least the wish already expressed, perhaps for a future update, see attached photo, there is no need to explain
A warm greeting
There is no big font embedded currently to do that. Isn't the patch name displayed at the right of the screen enough?

Thank for you reporting the "distortion noises", we investigated and found something.
Can you listen to the attached wave file and tell us if it's the same kind of noise? The recording is a low rumble sound (this is normal for the test), then a thin noise (bug/distortion) appears.
We just fixed that, if you're interested we'll send you the updated firmware so you can confirm it fixes your issue before we release it for everyone.

Thanks again for your communication, that's great and helps a lot for improving the EssenceFM!
Hi, then as far as the noise is concerned it's exactly like that, luckily we have found it !!, it does it sometimes and then luckily it disappears
Send me the test update to see if we really fixed it and I'll let you know as soon as possible ..
For large fonts it doesn't matter, it was just because I could see the recurring patch better from a distance, but it's not as important as the good working of the machine .. thank you so much !!
It's released in v4.3d, available for download on the firmware page.