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Pan, EG, and Mod Matrix

I'm confused about how the the pan destinations of the mod matrix and the PanEG interact.

Let's say I want a voice to be randomly panned around the stereo field whenever triggered. I might expect to add a cable from RNG -> PAN in the mod matrix.

The random number from the mod matrix is assigned to the initial ? node of the PanEG. That's good. But then the [1] node of the PanEG will drag the pan value away from the RNG-assigned value to wherever it's at.

The [1] node cannot be deleted, and I don't think there's a way to adjust it via the mod matrix (maybe this is what PanEG Height is supposed to do? I couldn't figure out how to use it). Does the pan value of a voice have to end at whatever [1] is set at in its PanEG?
You're right that's a quirk - "RNG" only happens the moment the key is pressed, but then the Pan envelopes takes controls over it so its effect immediately disappears.

We're fixing that on the new firmware.

"Pan Height" controls the total amplitude of the pan envelope, the most common use is to create a pan envelope that swings from 100% left to 100% right then controling its "depth" using this.
Great to hear about the upcoming fix. And thanks for the "pan height" explanation, that makes total sense now!
Did this fix got implemented within the last Update?
Yes it's in the last firmware