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The anticipation is building!

Failed Muso
Anyone else checking here daily for news about shipping of their Mk.II pre-order? ?

I’m stupidly excited and can’t wait!!
YES!!! Of course!

I'm looking forward for some news/anticipation from the Kodamo staff!
But, I really don't want to put pressure on them.
I prefere to wait patiently and receive a very affordable machine!

EssenceFM is such a hell of a FM synth... it worth the wait!
Thank you, we're also excited to deliver the first units!
We're waiting for the last parts to arrive so the assembly can be done.

We're using that extra time to improve the firmware that will be built-into these units and released for every EssenceFM owner.
If there is no extra supplier delays preorders will be shipped this month.
Failed Muso
This is great to hear! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about the delivery of a new synth!
Pretty hyped too, can't wait !!!