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Randomization feature request

I am a new user of Essence FM and am amazed at how easy it is to use, create, and tweak patches/voices. Thank you so much Kodamo!

Now onto my request: A more controllable/directed randomization method, similar to the PreenFM2 synth. The PreenFM2 allows you to set the randomization amount, e.g.,
1. Operator: keep, soft, medium, and high
2. Envelopes: keep, percussion, pad, and rand

For a specific case, I am working on a pad sound and I want the sound to largely remain a pad sound, but still be able to randomize. The current randomization feature seems an all or nothing setting.

Well noted, we'll check if something like that is possible
Yes +1 for this too.
It would indeed be nice, if the randomization feature could be tamed a little, or be influenced a bit more gradual