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Hi, maybe I'm wrong but I have the impression that the randomization works in a strange way, that is, if I choose to randomize for example only the filter, in reality something else is also randomized within the voice, and then I would like it to be possible to leave unchanged the frequency and resonance during the randomization because it does not produce a tangible effect on the filter, thanks
Hi, Yes there are other things that are randomized like the LFO which there is no control for yet (due to the lack of free space on screen !), you can verify that by unchecking all the boxes and press Random.
That feature will probably be refined over time, but there is always a compromise between complexity and ease of use. For example, waveform randomization and frequency randomization are both controlled by the "Freq" checkbox. I don't know if diving into a sub-page full of randomization options would be a good idea, it's very specific.