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bank change - LSB not recognized


First what a fantastic synth! And so easy and fast to program! Probably the best user interface I've seen until now.

I have a problem selecting patch/voice with midi messages :

I try to send bank change from my Squarp Pyramid but when I turn the knobs sending LSB or MSB nothing changes on the Essence FM.
PC is working but strangely :
- in patch mode only in the the bank where I had previously selected a patch manually on the Essence screen;
- invoice mode it keep jumping to bank "C" each time I send a PC.
If I choose - again on the Essence - a new bank without selecting a patch/voice in it, when I send a PC to the Essence it goes back to the previous bank where the last patch was selected...
We already discussed that by email but for other users reading the forum:
If that happens to you ensure all Parts in your Performance have the "Bank Change" checkbox checked. Otherwise these events are filtered out.