Hi, would it be possible to add a Vowel Formants filter? would that be great, or is there a way to create a sound similar to the human voice?
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Formant filters are very specific they probably can't be added.

However there are many ways to create sounds similar to the human voice without them. You can use either FM or additive synthesis (you can spread your harmonics on more than one voice if you need a lot of them). Another possibility is to get some formant vowel sounds (single-period waves) and import them in the EssenceFM, they'll be static but can still be useful.

You can check the presets in the "Vocal" category, some of them are somewhat realistic. They were done by ear, but using a spectrum analyzer on real voice recordings may also help!
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Formants, eh. I've done formants on the Yamaha FS1R, realistic vowel sounds.

Formants take a set of narrow band pass filters to modify the sound, this vocal patch was done with six.
I have a chapter in my FM Programming Guide on formants, how to shape the filters.

I don't know if that helps or not, since the Essence doesn't exactly have that capability.
Formant filters take a LOT of CPU processing and aren't that easy to implement without additional hardware.
The FS1R has a set of custom DSP chips onboard just to implement formants, since that's it's main feature.

You might be able to create a custom formant waveform, something you can import into the Essence.
It will probably only sound good over about one octave though, maybe less.
I've tried it using FM before, it sort of worked, but only over a part of one octave.
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The modor nf1-m also can do formants, quite cheap for the small version..