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Bug? For real?...

But I don't get that... working for month on one performance an next time I says 'corrupted' makes my blood boil
... I mean, trusting Hardware more than Software actually was my notion to get a good live setup. But I dunno how trust-worthy my setup turns out to be now
Having worked in QA in my distant past, i can tell you that it would be more helpful to Kodamo if you could provide as much detail as possible about this bug: what you were doing when it happened, what happened, what the current state is. If possible, provide a detailed series of steps to reproduce the bug (probably not likely in this particular case). Also which firmware version you’re running.
Sorry for the problem you're experiencing.
Did you power off your EssenceFM while saving your performance ?
As deastman said we need as much info as possible to know what happened.

If your performance gets corrupted, Patches and Voices aren't affected so most of your work isn't lost. The EssenceFM shows "Corrupted" on elements that have a CRC (checksum) that doesn't match the actual data, it doesn't mean the data isn't there. Your performance should have an asterisk on it, please don't save it (leave it as is to keep the original data in permanent memory) and contact us by email so we can tell you how to recover it.
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After some investigation, it appears that receiving MIDI commands that modify the performance (channel volume, pan etc.) while saving could create a situation where the EssenceFM thinks it's corrupted (while it's not). Will be fixed in the upcoming firmware.
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Okay, well thank you for reacting that quickly. That issue is reproducible and appeared since I started sending CC's via my DAW.
Mail with corrupted file will follow, thx
Nelson Baboon
oh - yes!! please. I often am sending midi to devices and then hitting save when I remember to, so this could easily happen here also.