300 voice polyphony
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The EssenceFM is one of the most powerful and easy to use FM synthesizer ever made.
It provides tons of features to make sound creation fun and enjoyable.

Screenshot of an algorithm made of different connected operators Design your own FM algorithms by connecting operators together.
Create complex looped envelopes in seconds.
Screenshot of the waveform drawing interface New waveforms can be drawn with your fingers or imported from wave files.
Screenshot of the patch page Combine several FM voices to make huge sounds, with split points, round robin and other advanced features
Screenshot of the Voice Sequencer The powerful Voice Sequencer allows you to trigger layers to create rhythmic and interesting sound textures.
EssenceFM front panel view Try, experiment, destroy, re-build... The Undo/Redo keys are here to help you explore FM synthesis.
Schematic showing how the EssenceFM can be integrated in a studio Wide set of inputs and outputs for easy integration in your studio or live setup.
Schematic showing the EssenceFM touch screen Super-responsive capacitive touch screen with multitouch support.

And much more...

  • Support for mictrotonal scales
  • Per-voice multimode filter (300 filters) to shape your sounds like on an analog synthesizer.
  • Powerful modulation matrix with 8 entries per voice
  • Two multi-effect processors and 4 assignable, balanced stereo outputs
  • Multiple MIDI inputs (DIN, USB & Ethernet) that can be used simultaneously
  • Can be used in a rack or as a table-top module
  • 24-bit DAC with isolated analog outputs

EssenceFM front  view
EssenceFM front panel view

User manual

Powerful FM engine

The EssenceFM engine allows to create ridiculously powerful sounds made of more than 6 operators. That's why we gave it 300 voices of polyphony, you get the easy-to-program 6 op FM synthesis and the ability to layer many voices to create huge, rich-souding instruments.
There are 1800 operators and 4200 envelopes running at the same time, more than you will ever need.