Easy and Powerful FM synthesis

The goal of the EssenceFM is to turn FM synthesis into a fun and enjoyable experience, through a very well-though user interface.
No endless lists of algorithms, you build your own as you design your sound, by connecting the operators together.
No small OLED screen, but a huge 7 inch multitouch display, with unmatched reactivity.

The EssenceFM was also designed to be the most powerful FM synth ever made. An incredible 300 voice polyphony of 6-operator FM, with 8 assignable outputs and build-in effects. You may wonder why only 6 operators and so much polyphony. The reason is simple : with FM synthesis, it's much easier to create sounds by layering, rather than trying to interconnect too many operators. Most FM sounds in existence are just several two operator voices layered together (3x2 stacks in many DX7 voices). 6-OP isn't a limitation and with the EssenceFM you can layer up to 128 voices together. The result is an incredibly powerful machine, that is still easy to use.

Explore new soundscapes

With its sound layering capabilities, the EssenceFM excels at deep evolving pads. It also has a 6dB/oct resonant filter inside each voice and 8 modulation cords with more than 200 possible destinations to modulate the sound.
It's MPE-ready, handles any CC and responds to polyphonic aftertouch.

Elephant memory

The EssenceFM can store up to 3328 voices (26 banks x 128 voices), 3328 patches, 256 performances, 48 user waveforms and 32 microtonal scales.
Sound banks are organised by categories that can be customized.

Hands-on controls

In addition to the touch screen, 6 contextual knobs allows for direct access to parameters when you feel some extra precision is needed.
Undo-Redo buttons makes sound editing convenient, as you can undo up to 1024 steps.

Built to high quality standards

Balanced outputs with 30V internal supply for a lot of dynamic range. True galvanic isolation between internal digital and analog circuits.
Full-metal construction with anodized aluminium front panel and sides.


  • 300 voice polyphony (6-op FM mode)
  • 300x Resonant multimode filter (1 per voice, highpass/lowpass) with dedicated envelope
  • 300x Syncable LFO (1 per voice) with multiple waveforms and phase options - Additional LFOs can be simulated with envelope loops and operators
  • Up to 128 splits & layers per patch, triggered by the powerful voice sequencer
  • 300x Voice Sequencer: 128 step/128 layers triggered on each note
  • Free algorithm design
  • 6-point graphical envelopes with loop point, linear & exponential modes
  • 48 customizeable waveforms
  • 16 part / 300 voice multitimbral
  • 8 balanced audio outputs
  • 3328 memory slots for voices and patches
  • MIDI: In, Out, Thru, USB Host, USB Device
  • 2x stereo effect DSPs with Reverbs, Chorus, Delays, Distortions, Phaser, Bitcrush and more
  • 32 bit processing, 24 bit DAC
  • Powerful 8-entry modulation matrix with 139 sources and 224 destinations
  • Custom scales support (microtuning, Scala file import)
  • Stand alone MIDI file playback (from USB drive)
  • Digital .wav audio rendering to USB drive, 16 or 24 bit
  • DX7 sysex import
  • Upgradable firmware
  • More than 1000 sound presets (patch list - voice list)
  • Fully isolated outputs which prevent any noise or ground loops when connecting the EssenceFM through USB
  • Only made from steel and thick anodized aluminium parts
  • Removable rack ears
  • Smooth and reliable rotary encoders
  • High quality mechanical switches

User interface

Screenshot of the waveform drawing interface Screenshot of the waveform drawing interface


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