Kodamo MASK1
Kodamo MASK1 played by a musician

Expressive & Characterful

The Kodamo MASK1 is a musical instrument focused on the interaction between the player and the keyboard. With its exclusive Bitmask engine combined with resonant filters, the MASK1 makes raw, gritty and ethereal sounds that respond in incredible ways to your playing style.

It's not just the notes

Most synths just play the notes you press. We went a bit further, by looking at how the notes interact with each other. Only by playing the keyboard, you can control when the attacks are triggered, how notes are tied or separated from each other, or if they should keep resonating or stop each other like if they were played on the same string on a stringed instrument. You will discover new ways of playing the keyboard.

Built with love

The MASK1 uses a high quality, 5-octave Fatar keyboard with velocity and aftertouch. It's fully made of painted metal, with two ALPS knobs and 23 KAILH mechanical switches. Everything is assembled in France with high attention to detail. We love creating musical instruments that have their own identity. We spent a lot of time selecting parts and suppliers to balance price and work ethics, while always aiming for the highest quality.

Kodamo MASK1 viewed from the top

For live and studio players

With its compact size and light weight, the MASK1 will easily fit in your studio and is ideal for gigs. It remembers settings between sessions. With its unique sound, premium keyboard and MIDI connectivity, it can become the main keyboard of your setup.

Explore the sounds

The MASK1 invites you into a zen and relaxed sound exploration. Press a button, turn the knob and listen how the sound changes. The MASK1 is designed to have very few parameters, but well-thought ones. The Bitmask synthesis engine makes rich and warm sounds ranging from classic analog tones to voice-like formants, glitchy 8-bit noises and ethereal pads. Sounds are fully editable and can be stored in one of the 400 user memory slots. They can be transferred to your computer and shared with other people.

Kodamo MASK1 features

What is Bitmask synthesis?

Bitmask synthesis is the method the MASK1 uses to generate its sound. Internally, oscillators do only have one waveform. Various tones are created by applying what is called a bitmask. This is a technique inherited from computing, which alters a number by masking some of its digits. Here we adapted this technique to make sound. Bit-masking creates complex wave shapes that are full of harmonics and give the MASK1 its sonic character.

Waveforms generated by bit-masking
Kodamo MASK1 viewed from the rear side Kodamo MASK1 mod and pitch bend wheels

Learn more

We suggest you take a look at the user manual to get an in-depth understanding of the MASK1 features and how it works. Check our Youtube channel for more sound demos.

Get the MASK1

The MASK1 is available directly from our online store with worldwide shipping. Some dealers will start distributing the MASK1 soon. Ask your local dealer if they can get some stock and a demo unit for you to try.


Synthesis typeBitmask, subtractive
Polyphony12 voices with optimized allocation
Multitimbrality4 parts (5 in layered/split mode)
Oscillators2 bitmask per voice with 512 masks each, transpose and detune. 16x oversampling
Noise1 per voice with programmable sample-and-hold frequency
Filter2 per voice, two poles (12dB/oct) or four poles (24dB) in combined mode, resonant with pitch tracking and 4 modes (low, high, band pass, notch).
Envelopes4 loopable ADSR per voice (osc1, osc2, noise, filter), 3 delta-decay (osc1 mask, osc2 mask, pitch)
LFO2 per part with 7 waveforms and noise, delay, decay and 16 destinations
Arpeggiator26 patterns with adaptive or fixed chords, latchable, retrig or pitch change modes. Arp do send note events to MIDI out.
LooperUp to 10000 events, unlimited duration, single track. Records notes, pitch bend, mod wheel, aftertouch and sustain pedal.
EffectsTwo stereo effects in series. First effect: chorus, phaser, distortion, bitcrusher, tremolo and ring mod (64 types). Second effect: delay, comb filter, reverb, room simulations and distortion (48 types)
ModulationsVelocity (6 destinations), modulation wheel (16 destinations), aftertouch (16 destinations), LFO1 and LFO2 (16 destinations each)
Play modesPolyphonic, monophonic, slurred, mono portamento on legato, paraphonic, hybrid poly-mono on legato, slurred paraphonic, mono retrigger, poly retrigger
SplitConfigurable split point, balance between voices, transpose, panning and tuning
LayerConfigurable balance between voices, transpose, panning and tuning
MiscVoice pan spread, polyphonic portamento, keyboard envelope rate scaling
Memory120 factory presets, internal storage for 600 user voices. EEPROM-based (no battery required)
Audio outputs2 balanced 1/4" TRS jack, pro audio level with +/-12V internal power supply, 1/4" jack headphones
MIDI2 DIN (in, out), class-compliant USB type B, SysEx voice transmit/receive, CC-mapped voice parameters
Keyboard61 full-size keys, weighted Fatar action with 6 velocity curves and 6 aftertouch curves
Controls23 buttons, 2 rotary encoders, pitch bend wheel, modulation wheel
Display4-digit red display
Pedal inputSustain, 1/4" TS jack, adaptive polarity
Tuning400-470Hz. 6 temperaments including arabic tuning.
Size89 x 26 x 8cm including knobs and feet.
PowerExternal 12V DC adapter, AC 100-240V in
ChassisPowder-coated, screenprinted steel. Light grey (RAL 9002) color
SidesBlack ABS


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