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MASK1 Sequencer

A question on the sequencer / looper funtion when changing voices.

The user manual states:
'The MASK1's built-in sequencer is very simple and works like a looper'.
'You can play the keyboard, switch voices and edit them while the sequencer is playing'.

A simple statement and my initial thinking was that after selecting a voice / preset then recording a sequence and when playing back the loop you would retain the sequence as whole with the chosen voice, notes and then switching to another voice when playing the keyboard you would hear the sequence loop in it's orginal form (chosen voice and note) along side any new voice sounds. However unless I'm missing something or taking the manual statement too literally when playing a new voice sound you retain the recorder sequence notes but not the voice. So the original sequence sound is gone and the notes now play the new selected voice. I was expecting the original sequenced vice to be heard along with the now selected voice when playing across the keyboard.

I hope this makes sense, maybe my simple thinking and in fact all you retain are the sequenced notes and not the original selected sound as well when playing the loop with new sounds. So not really a looper then??

It's in fact a "MIDI looper", so it records events instead of sound, that's why changing the voice also impacts the recorded sequence. This is both good and bad , it depends on what is your use case.
Maybe it could be changed to keep the original voice. Currently the best way of having the looper play a sound and you playing another sound on the keyboard, is to use a split.