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Midi sharp notes USB Front Panel

I use an Arturia Keystep to control the EssenceFM, if I connect it to the USB connector on the front panel, there are constantly notes that remain sustain and I have to press the Panic button every time, I always turn it on with the Keystep connected as you describe. On the other hand, if I connect it through the rear Midi Din connector, it works perfectly.
I suppose you can solve it in next updates

Best from Bcn and MY congratulations for this amazing Synth...Iā€™ m in love!

Thank you for your message!

Which firmware version do you have ? (you can check by going into Global > System)
The last, 1.3
The last one is version 2 you can find it on this website by going into Support, then click on Firmwares
and follow the instructions.

That version improves USB-Host compatibility, I'm 100% sure that will fix your problems ;)
Downloaded and installed OS 2 without problems. The problem persist.
We're also using a Keystep connected via USB without any problems so this is weird.

Have you tried a minimal use case: only the Keystep connected and the audio output, only playing a single patch or voice without doing any manipulation on screen.

Also ensure your Keystep has the latest firmware:
Arturia fixed a USB problem that impacted some devices including ours:
USB packets now properly sent, solves the connection to a USB host such as the FH-2
I updated Keystep last Os and now works perfect.
Thanks a lot.