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Retriggering still-sounding notes

Hi everyone.
I just got an EssenceFM and it's behaving in a way that's surprising to me.
If I play a key with long decay, and then play the same key again, it doesn't retrigger the already playing sound, but adds a second one.
If I hammer a key quickly with a patch that uses many voices, they quickly stack up to very high numbers.
Is there a way to change this behaviour so that it retriggers notes instead?
This is the current normal behavior. We're looking to add the mode you're mentionning in the next firmware, and it probably should be the default setting.
Jazz Paladin
Very good to hear, I’ve been encountering lots of feedback when doing this with the step sequencer
Jazz Paladin
Any idea when this next firmware is being released? I think I know the first demo song I will release when the patch hits, as my favorite kodamo song I am working on has a bit of that feedback loop going on , and it would be nice to have that fixed before I unleash the creation
Very soon - We're doing the final tests 😉

For the note retrigger option it only happens on user key press, not on notes triggered by the voice sequencer. For these, you have other options to mitigate the stacking effect (using the exclusion groups to get a mono layer, or creating a copy of the voice with less sustain)
Was just notified of the new firmare and installed it.
Thanks so much for adding the option!