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ISO (1) patch creation workflow & (2) ENVs as LFOs

Hey there EFM'ers!

I finally received my (second-hand) EFM a couple of days ago and have been exploring ever since. I have two questions at the moment:

1. Patch creation workflow tips:
- I'm wondering if there's a more straightforward way to do the following: For example, say I want to create a patch with four instances of the "Synth Strings" (voice# B50) voice and be able to make edits to each of those four instances, within the patch. At the moment, the way I'm doing this is:

--> Copy B50 four times to empty voice slots and give each copied voice a new name (e.g. Strings1, Strings 2..., etc.)
--> Click on one of those newly-copied voices and then click on "Create Patch From" and select an empty slot for the new patch, say Z1
--> Click on hardware button "Patch" to enter patch mode and select this new patch (Z1)
-->Click on "Edit" and add three more layers (first layer is already there), select the previously copied "String1, 2, 3" voices for each layer.
-->Now, I'm ready to edit my four layer monster string patch of doom (SPOD)!

Question: Is there an easier way to go about setting things up in order for me to be able to begin editing my SPOD?

2. Next question is about using looping envelopes as LFOs to modulate various parameters.

As things stand, we have one LFO as modulation source per voice at our disposal.

While hoping more LFOs will be added in a future FW update (Hi Kodamo!), I know I can use envelopes and their looping function as a work around. The difficulty I'm having with this, aside from having to essentially take a fair bit of time to carefully adjust the ENV points to turn it into a pseudo-LFO waveform, is that I'm getting clicks/artifacts with the loop points much of the time.

I've tried quantizing the envelope points, adjusting them without quantizing, trying to ensure the loop points are at the zero crossing, etc., no joy. Most recently with panning, I can't find a setting that will get rid of the clicks. Sometimes clicks might be interesting to incorporate into the sound, but I'd like to have that as an option not a constraint.

Any tips for this looping ENV issue, boys and girls?

Thanks in advance for your tips and time! :)
Hello new EssenceFM user and welcome!

1. Patch creation workflow tips / Question: Is there an easier way to go about setting things up in order for me to be able to begin editing my SPOD?

You can do everything in Patch mode. When you're inside a patch, select the voice you want then press Edit, then Copy. Go back to the patch. You can now add empty voice slots to your patch, and as soon as you enter them by pressing Edit, press Paste to overwrite them with your base voice. It's not necessarily quicker than copying/pasting four voices in voice mode which may take literally two seconds, but it may appear more straightforward.

If you're using your EssenceFM in multitimbral (Performance) mode you can even do all the work in this mode, not using Voice and Patch modes at all. That's usually more straightforward than switching between modes (and it has the benefit of not interrupting the sound if you're playing while editing).

2. Next question is about using looping envelopes as LFOs to modulate various parameters.

Did you set the envelope to Linear mode ? This is almost mandatory to avoid clicks, in addition to having both points of the loop at the same vertical position. What happen is that in Exponential mode, the envelope level never exactly reaches the point positions before looping (due to the very nature of how exponential works), so the transition isn't seemless. Maybe we could avoid hard-setting the envelope to the point level in a future firmware version, we'll check the pro/cons of this change.

Any other question feel free to ask 😉
Thanks for your reply and patch creation/editing tip!

Yes, I did notice that linear mode makes it easier to avoid clicks. Best course of action to line the start and end loop points is to set them to the horizontal axis. Other levels (i.e. away from the axis) take more time, as you have to really focus (and in my case, make sure I clean my glasses - haha!).
To get perfect vertical position you can press the keyboard icon at the upper right corner of the screen - that will let you enter a numerical value, so you don't have to be very precise with your fingers