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Hi Kodamo can you say anything about your forthcoming Bitmasker?
I am curious too!
Is this still in the works?
Hi, it is, but the MASK1 gets the priority! πŸ˜‰

Quite a lot of people reached out for the Bitmasker (which will be based on the MASK1's engine), in fact we are looking to expand the bitmask synthesizer range with other products but we aren't decided on which ones yet.

Some ideas we had :
- A pocket battery-powered synth with simplified bitmask engine, built-in sequencer, a bit OP-Z like
- A powerful 19" rack version
- A desktop module with matrix editing (like Dave Smith's Evolver)
- A Digitakt-like groovebox
- A single bitmask voice as a 3HP Eurorack module

There are so many possibilities, I'd like to hear what you think about it. What kind of device would you be interested into?
Colin Muir Dorward
+1 for 19" rack.

IMHO it wouldn't need to be a powerhouse like the EFM... I'd love a simple/affordable 1u rack version, if you could fit the interface.

Also IMHO the trend for pocket/toy synths is fun... but a solid studio gear is just soooo much better to actually use.
Yes, please no battery operated novelty feeling item.

I would vote for digitakt-esq.

The mod matrix on the evolver is exactly what turns most people off to programming it.

Maybe look to your countryman at Audiothingies for inspiration for a small, powerful, and affordable device.
Powerful rack mount would make me take a second look.
Jazz Paladin
I love how the Essence can be both desktop and rack
+1 for 19” rack unit. If it’s convertable to desktop like EFM is it would be even better.
I'll vote for a Digitakt-like groovebox too.
Especially with some cool tricks of changing/transforming/morphing bit masks. I'd love to see a sound design machine like this and definitely designed for making drum sounds too. I thing Mask1 sounds pretty impressive.
+1 for 19” rack unit.