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VFM information

Do the new synth’s VFM has the same specs? I see the VFM 37 has less outputs then the Essence. And when is the VFM exactly will see the daylight for ordering?
There's a roadmap here:
Hello, thank you for your interest.
VFM keyboards will have different specs, but we haven't revealed them yet.
They have 4 analog outputs (2x L/R combo), more outputs may be available as digital audio through USB (not 100% confirmed).
Release date should be end 2021/early 2022, but that's very rough estimations!
Don't fear missing it out, we'll make sure everyone hear about it when it's available ;)
Thank you for the answer. Early 2022 take to long to wait. I see the Essence has a waiting time by Thomann. Where can I buy the Essence in the Netherlands? Or a place whitout waiting time.
You can buy it here in our shop (see "shop" on the menu). International shipping is quite fast. We have 2 units left before we have to wait for the next batch (~5 to 7 weeks delay)
With al do respect. But buying directly from you will cost me a €100,- more. Your price is €1390,- and Thomann price is €1290,- for the EFM MKII. I’m afraid I have to do the waiting time. Hahahaha...