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Feature suggesstion - Layer play modes

Since we already have the ability to create key mapping and velocity ranges within layers, it would be nice to have the option to add volume crossfading between layers that share key ranges to simulate smooth dynamic transitions.

Another idea is to allow for layer playback manipulation via the mod matrix - maybe add layer parameters to "Global". One great modulation would be to apply a CC or Aftertouch to move between layers - we could potentially have 'wavetable' like sound shaping and even more powerful sound evolution on pads and fx...

You can get layer manipulation directly in the voice, in the "Global" destinations of the mod matrix. It manipulates the voice, which is in fact the layer. You can then control the whole layer volume, pan etc., and do some interesting stuff between layers by using different ratios/offsets. (an example would be crossfading between two layers, one would have zero offset and some ratio, the other would have a large offset and negative ratio to follow the source in a reversed way)
Nice! I will try that. Thanks.