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Failed Muso

Now that users are growing in number, and the variety of posts is widening, might it be an idea to divide the forum up in to sub-boards that cater to specific areas of interest. For example, we could have Feature Requests, Patch Creation and Sharing, Tips & Tricks, User Support, Bugs, etc.

It would certainly make navigating all the posts a lot easier. I'm not sure if the current website can support it, and the Facebook User Group is useful, but not suited to this kind of knowledge gathering.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
Yes we'll add some way of filtering/categorizing topics soon, while keeping a common list for people just looking for new stuff!
Failed Muso
Good to hear! Thank you :-)
Hi, FM,

I agree with you! This is the most important feature of the Kodamo website.

This must be the knowledge base, first of all!

If I want to loose my time, I can go around and take a look for some social media, but it is here that I want to find the right information and the direct contact with Kodamo.

That’s my humble idea!
Failed Muso
Excellent stuff! Loving what you've done with the place ;-)

Thank you!
Very good yes.
Would be nice if we could use emoji’s in posts.