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Suggestion: Improved UI/UX

Small usability improvements to the algorithm overview and to the UI/UX in general with WCAG compliant colour contrasts.

The ratio display inside operators is very interesting! Thank you for this idea.
Also, some colours may appear lacking in contrast in our picture but in reality it's easier to read (the blue Sustain button especially). We'll try to update most of the pictures to have them in higher quality soon.
I really love the ratio inside operators idea too! It can be difficult sometimes to know where we are in that regard with the combination of course / quartertone / fine.
Great idea!
These are some of the other changes besides the op no. in the operators and Sustain button colour:

1. White titles for tabs for better contrast.
2. Decreased high of the top bar displaying patch name path to give more space to the tabs menu because buttons and checkboxes (in this case "Skip to release") end of on the edge of the screen. It probably works ok now since the touch area and edge are leveled but those are things you should try to avoid in good UX. This edge cases of buttons, dragbars can be seen on other tabs as well. The topbar doesn´t have a primary role here so the primary content on the page should be given more space to breath.
3. Changed look of patch path arrow in the top bar to balance perception of black areas compared to typography.
4. Aligned and repositioned Mute and Solo buttons to align with Env. frame and create spacing to screen edge.
5. Removed focus frame on env. window to emphasize envelope shape and points.
6. Changed all envelope dot number to black to contrast the dot colours better.
7. Changed Remove icon to clearer cross symbol.
8. Repositioned X and Y values inside the env. frame for better relationship coherence unless it interferes with the envelope shape.
10. Changed checkbox background colour to black for increased contrast. Pink square for checkbox might be hard understand that it is a checkbox.
11. Remove the connector dots on the operator algo to increase clarity and focus on the content inside the op square.
Also, some buttons have a highlight line on top and others don´t (for example in patch and performance mode). Would be nice to consolidate them into one version for consistancy. Preferably without highlight since the that feels a bit Window 98.