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Thanks, I have to congratulate you for this beautiful synth because I am finally succeeding thanks to its synthesis skills to create the sounds that I have always been looking for ... the only perplexity in the endowment of redundant effects in my excessive doses cause a collapse of the synth with distortion and cancellation of the sound and the lack of a band pass filter that would open the doors to many types of sounds I have in the pipeline ... but for the rest I am very satisfied, soon I will put some demos of what I've done so far ...
Don't forget outside the box. You can easily route a sound to one of the outputs (we have so many) and then use outboard effects, filters, etc. I know it means extra hardware, but who doesn't have that in spades? :)
Thank you for your message, glad you like the EssenceFM.

The distortion/sound cancellation happening when you use lots of effects is probably output clipping, lowering the digital gain in Global > Audio should fix the issue