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Can we capture the EFM screen?

Maybe the bigger question is "Even if we could, where would the picture be stored?" It’d be nice to be able to grab them for tutorials or forum posts or whatever.
The feature exists but is only enabled on our development unit, it saves a screenshot on the USB drive.
That would be rather easy to make it available to everyone, the main challenge is to find a good way to trigger it without interfering with the user interface.
Hi. You can add a MIDI option in Global Mode, for use MIDI trigger like Damper Pedal on/off (MIDI CC64) or other MIDI CC on/off control. Disable by default, it could be used for triggering capture of screen when needed... :)
Failed Muso
This is definitely a feature I'd make use of, especially when compiling a review :-)
I like the idea!
Definitely +1 here for screenshotability ;)