playing sequencer automatically?

Nelson Baboon
this looks like a cool sequencer, with the swap capabilities, etc, but I really wish that you could just set it to run without holding down a note. If you can, I can't find it in the manual.

Edit - so, it's nice that your playing can transpose the sequence, but that could be accomplished with a 'control track'....

Edit - hmmm - this is kind of fun, but i'd still like the option to just play it without holding a note (currently playing from another sequencer, which is fun..)
Last edited on 2020-09-14 04:03:28
You probably want to use it like a regular sequencer, in its current state it's more like an advanced arpeggiator.
There is a way to play it without holding the note:
- In performance mode put your patch on a part
- In the Knob Assign page, map a knob to the Sustain Pedal CC, on the MIDI channel you pur your patch in

Now when you turn the knob and get the value past 64, that patch will play without stopping. You can set the part in Mono mode to be able to change the note easily, and change the Part volume to mute that sound when needed or press Panic to stop everything.