A new synthesizer is born

The MASK1 is a 10-voice poly synth built for keyboard lovers.
It's a characterful musical instrument with a warm and gritty tone.
It uses our new Bitmask™ synthesis inside with high quality filters.
It comes with 200 expertly crafted sounds and 400 user memory slots for your creations.

Expressivity at heart

We designed the MASK1 as a performance keyboard, to offer you the best experience regarding sound quality, responsiveness and expressivity. You'll be amazed by how some sounds cut through a mix, and how they respond to your playing style, with different articulations depending on how you press the notes, conditional portamento, automatic note slurring and more!
The MASK1 has a 5-octave Fatar action, with full-size weighted keys, velocity and aftertouch.

Incredibly rich sound

A lot of time was spent refining the sound of the MASK1. Tuning the filter to match the best analog synths, and working on the oscillators to make them sound gritty and powerful.
The filters are digitally controlled in a perfectly smooth way when changing the cutoff.

First-class effects

The MASK1 comes with built-in, high-quality effects. They're super easy to use with a preset-based approach. Two effect modules can be used at the same time, the first offers choruses, phasers, distortions, bit crushing and ring mod, while the second offers delays, comb filtering, reverbs and room simulations. They all have their own stereo field to make the sound fuller.

What is Bitmask™ ?

Bitmask™ is the sound generation technique we developed for the MASK1. A sine wave generator has its signal sliced into many parts which are then rearranged to build the final waveform. Depending on your settings, different areas of the sine are flipped or scaled to different amounts. This process creates very complex and rich waveforms that are perfect material for the resonant filter. Some end up containing multiple octaves inside and even fractal-like shapes!

The bitmask™ oscillators are conveniently controlled with a single parameter, and they are integrated within a more classic yet effective synth architecture, allowing for big sounds to be made very easily.

Well optimized

We put extra care into details to make sure everything is optimized from the electronics to the user interface. As a result, when your inspiration comes the MASK1 is always ready and responsive, with no startup time at all and smooth switching between sounds. Settings are also remembered between sessions

Clean interface

The front panel provides hands-on controls for most actions. It's not a menu diving synth, despite the minimalist interface. Octave transpose buttons are readily available, alongside with sound layering and split.
Editing a sound is done by selecting the section you want (eg. Filter), then turning the knob and switching parameters with the <<Param>> buttons. This can be done with a single hand, without even moving it since the <<Param>> buttons are conveniently placed near the knob. Multiple envelopes can be edited at the same time. Very few parameters are needed to create great sounds.

Built to last

The case is fully made of powder coated steel, with a perfectly flat top for a slick design. Sides are made of solid ABS with bead blasting finish.
Knobs use smooth ALPS encoders with soft-detents, and the 23 buttons use mechanical switches for best reliability.
The MASK1 is built for live situations, jams and shows that needs an instrument that can be easily carried out. It may also find its way into your studio with its relatively small size and unique sound.
It's fully designed, assembled and tested in France.


Synthesis typeBitmask, subtractive
Polyphony10 voice with Smart Allocation
Multitimbrality4 parts (5 in layered/split mode)
OscillatorsPer voice :
  • 2 bitmask with 256 masks each, transpose and detune
  • 1 noise with programmable sample-and-hold frequency
Filter1 per voice, two poles (12dB/oct) state variable, self-resonant with pitch tracking and 4 modes (low, high, band pass, notch)
Envelopes4 loopable ADSR per voice (osc1, osc2, noise, filter), 3 delta-decay (osc1 mask, osc2 mask, pitch)
LFO2 per part with 7 waveforms + noise, delay, decay
Arpeggiator27 patterns with adaptive or fixed chords, latchable, retrig or pitch change modes
Looper/Sequencerup to 10000 events, unlimited duration, single track. Records notes, pitch bend, mod wheel and aftertouch.
EffectsTwo stereo DSP in series. First offers chorus, phaser, distortion, bitcrusher, tremolo and ring mod (64 types). Second offers delay, comb filter, reverb and room simulations (32 types)
LFOs :
  • Frequency
  • Volume
  • Filter cutoff
  • Mask
  • Panning
  • Osc1 frequency
  • Osc1 volume
  • Osc1 mask
  • Osc2 frequency
  • Osc2 volume
  • Osc2 mask
  • Noise frequency
  • Noise volume
  • FX1 type
  • FX2 type
  • FX2 preset
Mod wheel & aftertouch :
  • Filter cutoff
  • LFO1 depth
  • LFO1 speed
  • LFO2 depth
  • LFO2 speed
  • Volume
  • Mask
  • Frequency
  • Osc1 volume
  • Osc1 mask
  • Osc2 volume
  • Osc2 mask
  • Noise frequency
  • Noise volume
  • FX1 balance
  • FX2 balance
Velocity :
  • Volume
  • Filter cutoff
  • Filter cutoff envelope
  • Mask
  • Attack rate
Play modes
  • Polyphonic
  • Monophonic
  • Slurred
  • Mono portamento on legato
  • Paraphonic
  • Hybrid poly-mono on legato
  • Slurred paraphonic
  • Mono retrigger
SplitConfigurable split point, balance between voices, transpose, panning and tuning
LayersConfigurable balance between voices, transpose, panning and tuning
MiscVoice pan spread, polyphonic portamento
Memory200 factory presets, 400 user voices
Audio outputs2 balanced 1/4" TRS jack (+13dBu max), 1/4" jack headphones
MIDI2 DIN (in, out), class-compliant USB type B, SysEx voice transmit/receive, 20 CC-mapped parameters
Keyboard61-keys semi-weighted Fatar action with velocity and aftertouch
Keyboard response6 velocity curves, 6 aftertouch curves
Controls23 buttons, 2 rotary encoders, pitch bend wheel (2-12 semitones range), modulation wheel
Display4-digit 7-segment red display
Pedal inputSustain, 1/4" TS jack, adaptive polarity
Tuning400-470Hz. Equal-tempered, arabic quartertones and just intonation
Size89 x 26 x 8cm including knobs and feet. Package : 100 x 35 x 25cm
Weight7.5 Kg
Power12v DC
AccessoriesPower supply, printed user manual, cable hook, spare keycap, spare rotary encoder

*Specifications are subject to change until the product is released