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Using more than 1 output at the same time?

Telum Atramenti
Hello folks. The way I have some of my synths wired is the mono output goes directly to analog sub-mixer, then to the digital endpoint mixer. Whereas the stereo output first goes to an 8-input FX sends sub-mixer (which first sends the sound through a sound modifying DAW) then to the digital endpoint mixer. This way I can add a very long space echo with one turn of the knob. I was thinking of wiring Kodamo Essence FM similarly, except I noticed that only 1 stereo output works. So if I needed to send it through the FX sends sub-mixer, - I would need to switch back and forth, - which is less than ideal to do during performance. Is there a way to do this without sacrificing a headphone port to act as a second stereo output? Such as for example make output pair 1 and pair 2 send sound at the same time? There doesn't seem to be an answer in the manual. Thanks
Jazz Paladin
Send the same sound? Or different ones?
How about using a cable splitter? That should do the trick.
Telum Atramenti
Send the same sound, yes. Such as stereo output 1 pair and stereo output 2 pair same sound simultaneously. Is that impossible? I currently don't have a balanced cable splitter.
This is not possible, a sound can be played on one output at the same time. It's only possible in mono (send the sound to a stereo pair and use L/R as two outputs)
There are a couple of workarounds.

One is to use a splitter cable, as I mentioned before.

The other, which I've just tried, is as follows;
Set up a Performance, and assign the sound you want to effect to both part one and part two. Then change the MIDI channel for part two to match whatever channel you're using to play part one. Lastly, assign each part to whatever outputs you want, via the 'FX and Routing' button. The same sound is now coming out of two different outputs.

Of course, you can also alter the output volume of each of the sounds on the 'FX and Routing' page as well, if you want, although you're probably taking care of that in your mixer.
Telum Atramenti
Thank you for your suggestions. Anyway, I decided to use the headphone port and the stereo pair on Channel 1 for two simultaneous analog signals, one to (through headphone port) to FX sends sub-mixer, and one balanced to endpoint digital mixer. Not optimal since headphone port isn't balanced, but I suppose it will do. Yes I know Kodamo Essence FM has pretty decent FX, and they can be stacked up to two at a time ( I think). But the external effects I use both on Native Instruments DAW and some of my pedals are way more varied and just way spacier. It's very rare for me to encounter built in FX in either a synth or in a mixer which are so decent that they don't require any external ones.