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EFM great for insane sequencing

Nelson Baboon
Forget for a moment the fact that it sounds really good. I just really like using it to experiment with, especially if i'm messing with some of these weird sequencers i like playing with. I'm currently learning the Torso t-1, a generative sequencer that to my mind is quite unique (hell - i suppose that unique doesn't need a modifier, but i think that people intuit what this means). I'm currently using a mode on it that generates tons of repeats, at very, very fast speeds, so the result is almost like a drone. Almost. And i never worry with the efm that i'm going to run out of polyphony. the addition of the cc mode really adds to the effect. you'll always hear people claim triumphantly on gearspace, or other forums, that they can get sequences like this on their, say, cheap arturia sequencer, and maybe that is possibly true, but this sequencer lives there. in any case, the efm is my favorite synth to use for this kind of experimentation.