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Possible additional Features?

Just wondering 'out loud' about Possible Features after playing around for a few days.

(This is a massive list!!! feel free to dismiss all of my suggestions!)

- Voice edit: base settings: Double clicking the ‘phase’ slider could set the control to 64? Double clicking from 64 could set back to 0?

- Voice edit: pitch envelope: double clicking an envelope point could set the point back to the 0 line? (This could also work for pan envelopes?)

- Voice edit: Envelopes: Is it at all feasible to have looping envelopes that loop regardless of a 'note on' command? (Maybe this is already possible?)

- Voice edit: frequency multiplier: Is it possible to have 'irrational' frequency multipliers? Realise approximations can be found via quarter+fine tunings... but a sqrt of 2, or pi could be useful/ time saving starting points! Even 1/3, 22/7, 99/70, 1.618 etc would be good!

- Voice edit: Waveform: Is it possible to have a ‘reverse’ and/or ‘flip’ wave shape control within the base control of an operator? (Don’t expect this to be possible, but could create interesting options for wave-folding without needing to use a wave shape slot?)

- Voice edit: Waveform: It would be pretty cool if you could cross fade between waveforms in the mod matrix with a continuous source (probably impossible, but would be really cool!)

- Voice edit: LFO: Would it be possible to have an 'LFO retrigger' button that enables the LFO to restart the phase back to 0 with every 'note on'? I realise this is functionally similar to the looping envelopes, but the mask settings would make this a materially different modulator with more general control over all operator's fm/am, and without using mod matrix destinations. This would be really useful imo! (edit) think I'm misunderstanding how the lfo works, as on some patches it seems to reset+ it doesn't seem to affect the fm or am of operators as I expected...? need to play around with this more

- Voice edit: Mod sources: Could there be more logic mod sources like the ‘alternator’? Maybe ‘accumulators’/‘decumulators’ (add or subtract ‘x’ with every 'note on' until 127, then reset to 0), or other alternators(hold 0 for x amount of 'note on', hold 127 for one 'note on'... etc)?

- Voice edit: Mod destinations: Would be cool to have modulation destinations for the offset and ratio in the mod matrix

- Voice edit: is a setting/tab/mode that gave control over all the operator volumes by the 6 direct access knobs feasible?

- Mono/poly: if voice edit is entered via patch or performance mode, the only way to access the mono/poly settings is by pressing the voice edit button. It’s confusing to have to press the voice edit button to change this setting to then jump back into a patch/perf. Is it possible to have the mono/poly settings accessible within the voice editor?

- Voice Sequencer: Could the mute control of a voice be accessible within the voice sequencer when a voice is selected? This would save time having to jump back and forth between the patch page and the voice sequencer page to mute/un-mute voices when a voice sequence is looping.

- Voice Sequencer: Would love a step length control for the entire sequence to allow for other time signature sequences that don't divide into 128, and shorter loops (any step length between 1-16 / 1-128)

- FX: any chance the delay DSP could facilitate a ‘ping-pong’ setting (each repeat swaps its L/R status)?

- FX: Is is possible to have a setting to change FX with a 'Cutoff' control to have either the already implemented LPF, or a HPF? This would tame mid lows/sub from overloading the built in effects (realise this may be really difficult/impossible!)

- FX: Could there be a 'mult' out setting in the FX that sends a duplicate dry signal out? (does using the Phase shift setting set to 0 already do this?) This Could make it possible to run duplicate feeds / sub mixes of the same patch/perf out via multiple outputs for parallel processing/aux mixes to hardware FX etc...?

- Patch edit: effects: would it be possible to have the option to exclude layers from being sent to the FX within a patch? This would be very useful for not sending certain sounds (e.g. bass) to something like a reverb or a delay.

- Patch edit: This is a big ask! within patch edit... could there be an extra tab for access to all the layer volumes? This would save so much time setting up the relative levels of sounds. (Realise this could turn into a lot of pages of volumes if all layers are used.)

- Performance mode: Further along this line, would it be possible to have an alternate layout of the FX/routing section in the performance mode, with a vertical layout similar to a traditional mixer, with longer 'dry' volume sliders in a for all 16 tracks on the same page (having the FX settings on the same page would be amazing as well!)? I realise this is antithetical to the horizontal GUI within the rest of the workflow, but it would be AMAZING to have all 16 perf patches dry 'faders' +the fx sends accessible on one page imo!!

- Patch+Performance mode: FX/routing: Would there be a way to have the FX routing selectable between pre/post fade in relation to the 'dry' volume control? Currently it's pre fade. Post fade would allow for
going to keep on adding ideas:

- voice sequencer: would be useful to be able to shift all note events in a layer as a whole. (and when an even goes past step 128 its cycles back to step 1 and visa-versa.)

- voice sequencer: double clicking on a layer could automatically select the first note event in the layer, to allow faster access to the layers note events via the inc/decrease buttons (could maybe even have a direct access knob 6 hard mapped to the note event scroll that exists with inc/decrease buttons once a note event is selected?)

- voice sequencer: selecting the layer and pressing copy could copy the entire row of note events. selecting another layer and pressing paste could paste those note events into that layer