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Per-patch effects within performance

It would be nice to be able to have separate effects per patch within the overall performance. I was playing around today and I was looking for ways to manage the voices in relation to each other and it would have been nice to have the EQ for each or perhaps a global compressor as well. I'll be trying to handle individual voices through a mixer, but working within the unit would be nice although I realize this could be hardware limited.
Yes hardware doesn't allow that. To balance voices inside a patch, you can already do a lot with layer volumes and filter inside each voice, or the FM parameters themselves.
A tip that may be useful: on the performance page, you can load patch effects by keeping your finger pressed on the patch's name. You will be asked if you want to load the patch effect into the global performance effects
How much more would it cost to add more effect units in a new version? For example 16 effects, giving 8 parts 2 each? I'd be happy to pay 50% more for that...
It would require hundreds of people paying more to cover the development costs for a new version with different hardware.
You can simulate some effects directly in your sound design. (eg. detuned layers to create a chorus, envelopes to create a delay)