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which controller or midi keyboard to choose?


I plan to buy soon an EssenceFM. I would like to know what you suggest as a master keyboard. I'm not used to playing synthesizers on a keyboard although I know how to play the piano, I use eurorack sequencers instead, mine also have midi output (Westlicht performer).
I use the Arturia Keystep and it is excellent. It is a smaller keyboard with minikeys but it is perfect for my setup.
Failed Muso
If you're already comfortable with step sequencers used in Eurorack, then theArturia Keystep Prois almost certainly a great choice for you...
Keystep pro is a solution to study, I'm currently looking at The NDLR by Conductive Labs which looks very good. Someone is using it with Essence FM?
The Oxi One sequencer looks very interesting (I've backed the project).
Any updates on best Keyboard tu use with the Essence FM ?
thanks !!