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To import sounds in your EssenceFM, put the downloaded files on a USB drive.
Plug it into your EssenceFM and go to the Global > Storage > Import section to load them.

Before importing sounds, ensure your EssenceFM firmware version is 4.3 or above.


EssenceFM MKII Patch List (Excel)
EssenceFM MKII Voice List (Excel)
EssenceFM MKII Voice & Patch List for Cubase

To restore your EssenceFM to factory defaults including all its preset sounds, download the file below, put it on a USB drive and load it by going into Global > Storage > Backup. Then, go into the desired pages (Performance, Patch List, Voice List, Waveform List, Scales List) to save all or some elements.
Note: this requires firmware v4.4 or above

EssenceFM MKII Factory Backup

Sound banks

Pulsophonic's "Back to the FM Vol.1"
64 patches - Pads, Drones, FX, Basses

Included in EssenceFM MKII presets
Knarf / Les Sondiers
20 patches - Leads, Basses, Drum Kits and more.
From the review video

Included in EssenceFM MKII presets