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The EssenceFM is an extremely powerful and easy to use FM synthesizer, allowing you to explore the endless soundscapes offered by FM synthesis. With a super-responsive touchscreen, assignable knobs and workflow optimized for sound design, creating rich and unique sounds is easier than on any other FM synthesizer.

Preorders are open from November 16th to December 16th
For delivery on February 2021

These preorders are for the 2nd EssenceFM production batch. This new MKII version is identical to the first one regarding sound quality and features. They have the same electronics inside.
The MKII version brings the following improvements:
  • Anodized aluminium sides acting as a support
  • Removable rack ears
  • Thicker front panel (3mm)
  • Higher analog output level
  • Comes with Pulsophonic's sound banks preinstalled (also available separately here)
Preorders help us managing production costs, in exchange we offer that 300€ price reduction compared to the retail price of 1390€. If you live the US, our products are usually not taxed by customs.

The first two pictures are 3D renders of the EssenceFM MKII, they're for reference only but should be very close to the final product. Other pics come from the first version and still remain relevant (same buttons, screen and connectors)

Rubber strips are provided to clip on the sides, providing a good grip when used in tilted position on your desk.

What the EssenceFM offers

Screenshot of an algorithm made of different connected operators
Design your own FM algorithms by connecting operators together. Create complex looped envelopes in seconds.

Screenshot of the waveform drawing interface
New waveforms can be drawn with your fingers or imported from wave files.

Screenshot of the patch page
Combine several FM voices to make huge sounds, with split points, round robin and other advanced features

Screenshot of the Voice Sequencer
The powerful Voice Sequencer allows you to trigger layers to create rhythmic and interesting sound textures.

EssenceFM front panel view
Try, experiment, destroy, re-build... The Undo/Redo keys are here to help you explore FM synthesis.

Schematic showing how the EssenceFM can be integrated in a studio
Wide set of inputs and outputs for easy integration in your studio or live setup.

Schematic showing the EssenceFM touch screen
Super-responsive capacitive touch screen with multitouch support.

Warranty, Reliability & Confidence

We successfully shipped 150 units from the first production run, with 0 returns. A 2-year warranty comes with all our products.
For preorders, we offer a full refund policy in case your order couldn't be fulfilled 4 months after payment.
Each unit is packaged in a double reinforced box and shipped with insurance at our charge.

Feature List

  • 300 voice polyphony (6-op FM mode)
  • Free algorithm design
  • 6-point graphical envelopes with loop point, linear & exponential modes
  • 24 interpolated, editable waveforms
  • Up to 128 splits & layers per patch, triggered by a powerful voice sequencer
  • 16 part / 300 voice multitimbral
  • 8 balanced audio outputs
  • 3328 memory slots for voices and patches
  • MIDI: In, Out, Thru, USB Host, USB Device, Ethernet
  • 2x stereo effect DSPs with Reverbs, Chorus, Delays, Distortions, Phaser, Bitcrush and more
  • 300x Resonant multimode filter (1 per voice, highpass/lowpass) with dedicated envelope
  • 300x Syncable LFO (1 per voice) with multiple waveforms and phase options - Additional LFOs can be simulated with envelope loops and operators
  • 32 bit processing, 24 bit DAC
  • Powerful 8-entry modulation matrix with 138 sources and 228 destinations
  • Custom scales support (microtuning, Scala file import)
  • Stand alone MIDI file playback (from USB drive)
  • Digital .wav audio rendering to USB drive, 16 or 24 bit
  • DX7 sysex import
  • Upgradable firmware
Please check the main product page for more detailed information.

Check our Youtube playlist for demos and tracks made with the EssenceFM.

You can also look at the user manual to get an in-depth understanding of its features.

Why the EssenceFM

This synth is the result of our dreams and efforts to create the best user interface to interact with FM synthesis. No endless menus, no weird key combinations, no complex structure to remember. Everything is displayed on screen, every element is editable by pressing on it. After years of doing FM synthesis, we know that it requires some trial and error to find the perfect sound, and that exploration process is fun only when the interface doesn't work against you. The EssenceFM is full of small details that makes workflow better: 1024 undo/redo steps while editing, copy/paste on every element, clear navigation using 4 modes and a breadcrumb, real-time envelope level display on the operators and much more. All that makes for a powerful and enjoyable synthesizer.

It keeps improving

As a small manufacturer, we're working hard to make competitive products against big companies. We can't offer the lowest prices, but we can offer the best features and listen to all your feedbacks to make it an even better synth. The forum section is where you can exchange and suggest ideas, we already implemented lots of them in firmware updates and that will keep going.

Package Contents

  • EssenceFM MKII synthesizer
  • Printed user manual
  • 2x 3U 19" rack mount brackets
  • 4x screws
  • Universal (100-240V) AC adapter
  • IEC power cable
  • 2x rubber strip

We have most plug types in stock. We ship the right cable according to your country, if you have specific needs contact us right after ordering.