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December 2019 Update

The EssenceFM Project

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Dear musicians, early adopters and synth gurus,

We're glad to share with you a few sounds!

We just plugged a keyboard into the EssenceFM and did some improvisations:

Link to the video

All the patches from this video will be included in the synth, and a lot more.

We try to demonstrate that FM Synthesis, with a powerful enough engine, can truly recreate any sort of sounds including acoustic instruments.

More Patches!


Currently we have 40 patches in bank A, a GM-compatible bank consisting of 128 patches + a full FM drum kit, and about 200 voices that are used by those patches.

Tell us what kind of sound you'd like to see on the EssenceFM. Do you prefer ethereal pads ? Bizarre synth textures ? Analog-like sounds ?

As we did for the hardware and software development, we'll listen to your remarks and take them in account.

About the Development

EssenceFM metal enclosure

The metal enclosure is prototyped and will be in production soon

Some obstacles showed up again. We had to choose a better chip for the USB-MIDI interface, and some components we selected months ago during the board design weren't available anymore. Not a big deal, we found replacement parts that are even better than the originals.

Getting an EssenceFM


Pre-orders will open this month for a limited number of units (we'll send an email when it's ready), then normal orders will take place once the synths are ready to ship, normally on February 2020.

In addition to our online store based in France, retailers in Spain and Germany (and maybe more to come) will have the EssenceFM in stock!

We hope you enjoy how this project is going. Many thanks to all of you.

The Kodamo team


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