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November 2019 Update

The EssenceFM Project

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Dear musicians, early adopters and synth gurus,

We are glad to announce that the overall design of the EssenceFM is close to be finished!

Most of our time is now spent sourcing the different parts, contacting suppliers and buying in large enough quantities for the first production lot.

We plan for 150 units to be made by the beginning of 2020 (probably available on february for shipping), while pre-orders opening in december.

The EssenceFM will be first available on our shop at kodamo.org, then through partner retailers.

For the end of this year, we'll make the user manual available online, with lots of content showing the capabilities of the device, so you'll have everything in your hands to decide if the EssenceFM should be yours!

Here is a summary of the news and progress we made since August:

Final design of the enclosure

As much as possible, we select high quality parts for reliability.

Improved software & interface

We refined the colors, shape and placement of many graphical elements to get a more modern feeling and make the workflow as smooth as possible.

Voice page / Algorithm design:
Screenshot of an algorithm made of different connected operators

Waveform drawing:
Screenshot of the waveform drawing interface

Screenshot of the graphical enveloppe for volume

Patch layers:
Screenshot of the patch page

Screenshot of the tuning page

Modulation matrix:
Screenshot of the modulation matrix

Signal and effects routing:
Screenshot of the routing page

Sound demos

Listen to some sounds created with the EssenceFM! These are patches made during the development, not the final banks. No external effects added.

As always with FM synthesis, there are no limits to the sounds you can create.
The 300 voices of polyphony are here to encourage you creating rich sounds using 12, 18, 24 or more operators per note.

If your mail reader doesn't show the players,
you can listen to them on the main website: https://kodamo.org.

Ethereal pad

Very wide, sitar-like pad

Layered marimba and sawtooth, with stereo delay

Guitar/rhodes-like patch with distorsion

Rythmic harp pattern with the arpeggiator,
which is polyphonic (up to 300 instances,
same as the base polyphony)

Using the arpeggiator to make rythms

Rich flute ensemble sound

FM strings made of a single 6-op voice

New website

The website is now multilingual (English/French) and the design was updated.

It will include the shop, forum and various resources for download when the EssenceFM is released.

Final word

We hope you enjoy how this project is going. Great thanks for all your support!

The Kodamo team


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