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August 2019 Update

The EssenceFM Project

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Hello everyone,
We are making progress on the EssenceFM development!

We listened to all of your suggestions and implemented most of them to make this synth up to your expectations before going into production.

We added those new features :

More analog audio outputs The synth has now four stereo balanced outputs, also useable as eight individual mono outs. Each performance part and FX processor can be independently routed to any of those outputs.
This gives way more flexibility for integration in your studio!
Output jacks picture
Micro-tunings We now support scales including any number of notes and intervals.
Arpeggiator We added a very powerful arpeggiator, that allows to create rythms, evolving sound textures and more.
It can trigger notes, swap voice parameters on the fly, and is syncable to MIDI clock.
Advanced waveform editing Morphing between two waveforms and adding harmonics as in additive synthesis is now possible.
There are now 24 waveform slots available, instead of 12 initially.
Harmonic creation GUI
Voice randomization Lacking some inspiration ? Press the Randomize button, and let the synth create a sound for you. Our algorithm follows some acoustic rules to create interesting sounds.
Improved look & feel Several color themes have been added, some with less blue component to lower eye-strain. We also redesigned the front panel, and added LEDs under each key for better comfort of use.

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We hope those new additions will please you. Great thanks for all your support!

A video showing the EssenceFM sound capabilities will come soon.

Stay tuned,
The Kodamo team


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