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All orders have been shipped!

essencefm ready to be shipped

Pre-orders and normal orders have been shipped yesterday! Apologies for the delays - we had to find a new transporter that provides a good insurance in these difficult times.

The EssenceFM is now available without delay (shipping within 1 week after order)

Rack with EssenceFM

A happy EssenceFM in its rack

Using it as a tabletop module is fine too ;)

You can use its MIDI-USB and DIN inputs at the same time, the built-in MIDI merger takes care of sorting the messages!

The full MIDI implementation makes it work with any gear, from DAWs to keyboards and hardware sequencers. It also can be configured in GM-compatible and MPE mode.

The hardest part as a new company was to go through the full production process. Many fail to go from the prototype to the production. There were countless problems we had to solve and Covid-19 didn't helped either, but fortunately we went through and we're now able to make the EssenceFM readily available.

Retailers are getting the EssenceFM

Perfect Circuit (USA) has its units on the way, Rage Audio (Spain) will have theirs within a week, Modularsquare (France) and KMR Audio (UK) will probably get some units too.

Independent reviews are coming

We're sending the EssenceFM to reviewers so you can get a neutral point of view on our products. We'll start with local reviewers in France like Audiofanzine and Les Sondiers.

fanless essencefm

Thank you for following us!

Stay safe & healthy



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