Mod Matrix

Nelson Baboon
My EssenceFM arrived yesterday, so there is the disclaimer that this question might reveal user error/ignorance, but in either case I think it's worth asking.

It's difficult to quickly try out different modulations because you need to click 'OK' which then exits from the mod matrix window, in order to hear any changes. But it's fun (in other device implementations) to hear the new modulations immediately.If I'm experimenting (and this I guess is especially relevant within FM, which I am not an expert in) then I'm just trying stuff to see what the effect will be. For example - just set up a new evolving velocity pattern from my sequencer. What affect will this have on some of the operator envelopes.....I'd like to just be able to quickly change these and hear what happens. Is this possible?
That's a good idea and it should be possible to do that. I'll check ASAP if we can include it in the next firmware
Nelson Baboon
oh - excellent!! that will certainly help my workflow immensely, since I'm doing that kind of thing all the time.