Change between Patch and Perf Modes

Hi Guys, I'm confused. When I take a mandolin Patch which is nice and bright and place it in a performance it gets dull and filtered. In Global/Audio/Monitor in Patch mode I see 8 green asterisks, when I switch to Perf and play the same note I see only one and it's dull sounding. Am I missing a setting somewhere?
Playing a note can only create 1 green dot on the Monitor page. Are you sure your controller isn't sending multiple notes on various MIDI channels ? That could explain the difference between modes if your you left the Global Channel in Omni mode (default). In Patch/Voice mode, all channels will trigger the sound, while in Performance mode your patch will only respond to the channel the Part is listening to.

The other difference between Patch and Performance mode is the effects, patch effects aren't used in Performance mode.
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OK, that fixed it. My keyboard WAS broadcasting on eight channels.
But now I have to go back in and re-do my mandolin... Oh well.
Thanks guys!
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