Internal Bitrate

Would be darn cool if the internal bitrate could be dialed down for grittiness
The "Disable Waveform Interpolation" option in Audio settings does something similar.
No interpolation will add some grittiness to the sound, it's especially noticeable on bass sounds or sounds with heavy modulations.
Already have that,
but whished to reduce more not knowing, what the internal rate without interpolation is anyway.
I'm aware there's a bitcrusher (as FX, which I don't like by sound, BTW) too, but after the EssenceFM is purely digital I thought, maybe this would be a nice feature.
Thank you
The internal rate is 48Khz, and resolution is 32-bit floating point. Waveforms are 16 bit.
It would be too CPU intensive to lower that rate at the different processing stages, it's maybe possible to do that at the output but that's already what the bitcrusher does when used in small amounts (rate & bit reduction). Using it without lowpass filter simulates very cheap devices without resampling, but lowering the cutoff can make it sound more like a real 24Khz or 12Khz engine. (and the more you lower it, the quicker you'll have aliasing on high notes).

Another option would be to use noisier waveforms, for example a 4-bit sine wave (only 16 steps). Maybe a bit reduction button in the waveform editor could be useful for that purpose, otherwise you'd need to create it with some software on your computer.
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