Editing & Effects

I'm deep into editing a Piano patch and a lot of the Piano is Reverb and Chorus. In order to hear the patch with Effects I have to exit the editor and select Perf Mode. Would you consider including a button in the editor on the Voice page to turn on Effects? Use the Effects from the current Performance, and maybe an Edit-Mode-Only Dry/Fx1/Fx2 set of values on the Voice-Edit page? There is some room on the Base tab page on the lower right corner under the Randomize block (before you select an Operator to edit).
OK, I figured it out! I just have to go into Edit starting from the Perf Mode all the way in to the voice Edit layer, then the Effects are there while I edit. The more I experiment, the more I understand.
Last edited on 2020-08-22 18:18:08