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original DX7 sound library collection?

has anyone of you EFM Users ever gathered the whole original DX7 Sound Library?
would be a nice for us guys always wanted the Original to get their hands on.
best to you all in 2023!
Hi Kopplog,

The good news is that they're easy enough to get hold of. Here's a link to a page which has all the DX7s patches (not sure what the difference was between a DX7 and a DX7s, but still...) - . If you look part of the way down that page, there's a link to Dave Benson's DX archive, which contains the original DX7 patches and much more. I've checked a couple of the download links, and they work perfectly well. Hope this helps you.
Failed Muso
The best resource for DX7 patches is a collection put together by Jacques Prestreau (aka BlackWinny) which sifted through the many thousands of sounds and removed a ton of duplicates. These were then categorised by synth/manufacturer/developer. This eventually became known as the DEXED Cart 1.0...

There is also a superb online resource that has all these patches and delivers them in such a way as you can audition them in your browser and then export them, ready to upload wherever you like. It also shows you the DX7 settings and algorithms used for each patch so if the import doesn't work well, you can at least try to replicate the settings somewhat in the EFM...
Hey, that's interesting. Thanks for sharing the info.