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Confusion bout the >soundpreview< button

Okay, maybe I confuse something, but maybe you can give me a tip there...
when choosing a patch/voice as a basic sound to start from I miss it to be able to pre-listeb to it via the >sound preview< button. Yeah, sure: Diving from the performance mode down into "edit" the button works, but not when I dive in by the >patch< - or >voice
... that said, using the EssenceFM with nothing coming from midi-in.

When receiving midi notes, you'll hear everything through that >patchsound preview< to get an idea for the next sound to add (and this would also make perfect sense for playing live!!)

It may be that I could wrap my head around the "proper" workflow so far, but I could imagine that IF there's a reason why things layed out differently... it still would be a great >optional behavior< feature to have... maybe as to be chosen in the settings?
Not sure I understand. But I assume you want to preview the sounds in patch/voice mode. Which works by just browsing and hitting the preview button.

Or did I misunderstand?