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BPM sync delays+BPMsync envelope looping


Blown away by this machine so far after 1 day, do you think we will get external BPM sync'd delays and maybe increase of delay times?
The looping envelopes are really awesome, such a nice thing to have new parameters to make new FM sounds !
Would it be a good idea to sync these to BPM and LFO rates?

btw the reverbs are very interesting, a welcome different approach from the norm.
Synced LFO to MIDI clock is ready for the upcoming firmware update ;)

Delay will be increased to 3X the max current length. Unfortunately not synced via MIDI, except if we find a way to adjust the delay length without creating too many audio artifacts (that's the problem we're having now)
really good news!

With the artifacts, do they stop once the new delay has been reached?
I mean I would take artifacts over no sync at all.
The main problem in not having BPM sync delays, is if you have a live set with different tempos, you won't be able to recall FX that use delay and have them match the song, that would be a shame...maybe the artifacts are good?
I love the way some delays change setting quickly, can sound really cool.
Another idea is to maybe have the option to mute the delay while it's adjusting to the new tempo, if one does not like the artIfacts of the change?
I think it is REALLY important to have BPM sync'd delays, otherwise like I said you can't use the delays in a live set and be able to change the tempo and having no delays is a big loss with this synth imo.